Take your ego out of the equation. If you find yourself having a knee-jerk reaction against the idea of working for a younger professional, it may be time for an attitude adjustment. While it may feel improbable from your perspective that someone born later than you could possibly have something to teach you, this perception is likely just your ego talking – especially if you haven’t taken the time to get to know your new supervisor’s strengths.

“While it can be an ego blow, it’s important to realize that the boss was chosen for a reason,” says Sandy Fiaschetti, president of Magnet Consulting. “Don’t hold a grudge. This isn’t an indictment of your skills as a worker; it’s simply that this person has leadership skills that can help you. Seek to learn from him or her.”

Fiaschetti adds that this can be a symbiotic relationship if you approach it with a learning orientation – and humility. “Offer up your workplace knowledge, but don’t overdo it,” she says. “Don’t come out of the gate telling them all the things you know. Rather, just make a genuine offer to help them be successful in the role.”

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