If you’ve found yourself wondering where all the great employees are these days, why you can’t keep your positions filled, or how to select the right people for your open jobs – our next online workshop is for you.

Registration for our next PRO \ FOUND workshop is open and we’re digging into employee selection and retention.

Here are the details:

   TOPIC:            How to Select & Keep Great Employees

   DATE:             Thursday, June 7, 2018

   TIME:             11:00 am EST

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As part of our series of online workshops dedicated to helping you create great office culture, find strong new talent, and develop the great talent you already have–we created this workshop to help you assess, hire, and keep the right employees on your team.


Dr. Sandy Fiaschetti, Magnet Consulting Managing Principal

Dr. Sandy Fiaschetti

Nicole Lentz, Managing Principal, Magnet Consulting

Nicole Lentz

On June 7th, Magnet Consulting’s Co-Founders (myself and Nicole Lentz) will tackle the trouble businesses are having attracting top talent, selecting the right people for the right positions, and keeping turnover at healthy levels. In less than 60 minutes, we’ll be sharing some of our secrets for assessing, hiring, and engaging great employees that fit your unique business.

By LIVE and INTERACTIVE, we mean we won’t be doing all the talking. We’ll spend about 20 minutes providing our tricks of the trade when it comes to creating and implementing effective employee selection systems and reducing turnover. And then we’re turning it over to you. We’ll answer your questions in real time. If you want a glimpse of what that’s like, take a look at the replay of our April workshop on company culture.


  • How to begin creating an authentic employment brand that attracts the candidates you want and need
  • Best practices for creating a candidate screening and employee selection system
  • Tips for engaging your teams that will keep turnover at a healthy level

33% of New Hires Look for a New Job Within Their First 6 Months HiredDid you know that, on average, 23 percent of new hires turnover before their first anniversary? Or that as many as one out of every three new hires actively searches for a new job within six months of starting a new position?

It actually doesn’t matter if you did know that or you didn’t. What matters is how much that costs your business. How dramatically it impacts your profitability and how you can work to create a process and culture that lessens that problem.

What about turnover among your higher tenured team members? As you can imagine, or may already know, that can cost your business even more. In fact, stats show that losing an executive level employee can cost as much as 213 percent of that employee’s salary just to get a new team member in the door to replace them. That doesn’t account for productivity losses, training costs, disengagement, and organizational instability (short and long term).

Getting a sound screening and selection system in place and creating a retention plan will dramatically impact your business profitability.

So we created this workshop to help you take the first steps toward doing just that.

Join us!

REGISTER HERE: bit.ly/profoundbymagnet

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