Local individuals are asked to take a part in a national initiative this December, helping to raise funds and awareness for the issue of human trafficking across the country and around the globe. Magnet Consulting, a women-owned people engagement consulting firm based in Rochester Hills, has partnered with Dressember, an international campaign committed to the eradication of slavery and human trafficking.

Bothered by the human trafficking issue, Blyth Hill committed to wear a dress every day of December 2009 such that when people noticed and asked, she took the opportunity to inform them about the bane of human trafficking. By 2013, Dressember had become a movement and, shortly thereafter, an international campaign raising funds and awareness.Magnet Ask Us About the Dress Logo

“Wearing a dress, for many of us, feels like a nuisance,” said Nicole Lentz, co-founder of Magnet Consulting. “What a minor, infinitesimal nuisance though, when compared to what the children, women, and men who are impacted by sexual exploitation and slavery are experiencing.

“By wearing a dress each day, we are making the conscious decision to remember the thousands who are enslaved in human trafficking both in our country and around the world. Our goal is to raise awareness and raise funds to help dismantle the human trafficking trade. We challenge others to join us.”

Since 2013, Dressember advocates have raised more than $3 million while increasing global awareness of this tragedy. Magnet Consulting is committed to being a part of this year’s collaboration and will match the first $5,000 raised by members of their Dressember team.

Local individuals and businesses can take part by visiting the Magnet Consulting Dressember Advocate page and making a donation. Or, plan to join them by wearing a dress every day or a bow tie every day in December. Can’t wear a dress or bow tie? Request a pin from Magnet Consulting to encourage people to ‘ask about the dress’ throughout the month.

Find out more by visiting the Dressember Facebook page. Like, wear, share and donate to help end human trafficking across the globe.